Packing Tips for Families from Bella Travel Network

Make family vacations easy with these tips for packing.

Make family vacations easy with these tips for packing.

Bella Travel Network knows that Traveling with the whole family takes some serious work. With the kids’ clothes and other supplies to worry about, as well as your own luggage, it can often take a whole day of preparation just to go out of town for the weekend. It can also get overwhelming, the thought of having to take multiple bags and crowding them into a car or checking them onto a plane. But, with a little planning, packing need not be difficult. Here are some tips that will make the packing experience for families a lot easier.

  1. Put the kids’ clothes, toiletries, etc. in the same bags as the adults. Combining the luggage this way helps with minimizing the amount of suitcases needed, making it easier to check bags onto flights, or pack them into cars. Since kids clothing is generally smaller it should be simple to pack their clothing in the same bag as someone else’s in the family.
  2. If possible, try to put all the kids’ entertainment for the plane ride in one larger carry-on. Though it’s more convenient for the kids to have their own carry-on with their toys, you may soon be the one carrying it all instead of them. Try all of the entertainment into one bag, and that way it won’t be a problem, especially if more than two kids are in the family.
  3. Bring a hamper or some sort of compact holder for the dirty clothes. With a group of three or more, the pile of dirty clothes can get pretty big and you want it to be easy to manage while on the trip. This way, the re-packing process will be easier according to Bella Travel Network.

Bella Travel Network Highlights The Main Attractions Of New Orleans

Bella Travel Network Highlights The Main Attractions Of New Orleans

Bella Travel Network Highlights The Main Attractions Of New Orleans

Bella Travel Network members say that with a humid subtropical climate and situated straddling the Mississippi River in Louisiana, New Orleans is a major port.  Besides the Mardi Gras, which New Orleans is famous for, there are many other attractions.

Jackson Square has three magnificent 18th century buildings, the former city hall, Cabildo, the St Louis Cathedral and the Louisiana State Museum. The square is a hub of activity with fortune-tellers and artists and the site of the Tennessee Williams Festival. Bella Travel Network adds that you will find a large collection of photography and paintings at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and ceramics at in the city’s Warehouse District.

Stroll through the 1,300 acre New Orleans City Park or the Audubon Park in uptown to enjoy new walking and biking paths suggest Bella Travel Network. Or take a spin on the rides at the Story Land and Carousel Gardens Amusement Park. Another walk to explore is the Garden District with its 19th century mansions in Greek Revival or Gothic styles.

Music venues cater to jazz bands and solo performers in Frenchman Street, the historic neighborhood in Faubourg Marigny. Clubs include Snug Harbor and The Blue Nile and you can also dine in the Marigny Brasserie or The Three Muses.

Bella Travel Network recommends a trip to the Insectarium and butterfly garden, where you will find unique bugs and can even taste some! This venue is only a few blocks away from the Aquarium of the Americas.

Great tours to take are the green or red streetcar trips taking you either to Uptown and the grandest streets or Canal Street terminating at the historic cemeteries. Drop by Royal Street and its antique shops or Magazine Street, where you can window shop handmade tiles and water-meter clocks as well as fashion and jewelry stores.

Bella Travel Network How to Visit Disney without Breaking the Bank

In light of the recent price hikes that Disney has instituted at its theme parks, Bella Travel Network knows that planning a trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” might not be a happy experience. In order to assist travelers in budgeting their trips, Bella Travel Network is providing these money-saving tips.

1. Stay off-site
One of the best ways to save money when going to a theme park is to stay somewhere further away from the park itself. When you stay closer to the part, you end up paying more for convince, the experience and usually, a specially-themed resort. Look for hotels and accommodations that offer special discounts for those going to the theme parks. Bella Travel Network shares that condominium accommodations offer an even better value, because families can use the kitchens and kitchenettes in these rooms to cook breakfast and dinner, thus saving money from having to eat out for all meals – especially because food at theme parks is extremely expensive.

2. Travel and visit at the best times for the lowest cost
Flights on weekends are obviously more expensive, as more people desire to fly then. When it comes to taking a vacation, the best plan of action would be to travel during the week and visit the parks during the week as well. Avoid high-travel times such as spring break, summer break, winter break and 3-day weekends.

For more great information about how to travel on a budget, while not compromising on quality or luxury, contact Bella Travel Network today.